Behind the rash

So i thought I would do a quick blog about what it’s actually like to be caring for a child with allergies. 

We woke up this morning and my son was very itchy, which isn’t rare for us he had his breakfast of toast with marg some grapes a small bowl of porridge a fruit pot and 6oz of milk. Which again isn’t rare for us he normally cries for a banana or tangerine afterwards but that’s when it hit us. 

He started screaming a high pitched blood curdling scream my heart sunk “not another allergy” I thought to myself and sure enough beneath his morning poo we had blisters I managed to wipe his poo off whilst my son was crimson and cringing every time the cotton wool went near him (when I know he’s having an allergic reaction I only use cotton wool and olive oil to clean his bum) I smothered him in his prescribed nappy cream attempted to fasten his nappy as by this time he was inconsolable and cradled him in my eyes. 

This isn’t anything strange for us but the strange thing is we’ve been having nothing but safe foods and haven’t changed ANYTHING over the past 3 months (an allergic reaction takes 72 hours to appear) so I’ve now got to check every tiny detail of the past week to see if anything has changed for us. Whilst juggling cleaning, cooking, ironing and now making sure the blisters on my sons backside aren’t growing or bleeding again. 

Being a mum isn’t easy at the best of times but I’m trying to shine a light that allergy mums aren’t alone anymore also my picture is my son shaking not being able to sit down 

All my unicorn love 



Having a gluten free vegan diet

So after my post last night about my son and his allergies I thought I would explain more about my thoughts on allergy free recipes and why I’ve chose to start making my own gluten free vegan recipes. 

As I said in the last blog we have been dairy free for over a year now and I have now become lactose intolerant aswell as my son being cmpi. We are also cutting out eggs as we have had suspected allergies to it and in my own eyes I personally don’t like eggs. As for meat well we are intolerant to pork and fish and some beef products contain the milk protein and the other meats aren’t appealing and with my children being fussy eaters they always leave meat and just eat the veg! We are gluten free again because being a celiac runs in the family and bloating often occurs!

So putting all this into consideration it works out that the easiest thing for my family is being a gluten free vegan! I’m off on a trip to ikea and Morrisons to stock up on kitchen supplies and new baking products to  begin my new amazing journey creating scrumptious allergy free healthy recipes with the nutritional value need for the daily intake. I studied in catering and I have the basic culerany skills to be able to cook I just tend to forget about the food and end up burning it (oops) 

I will post later my amazing ikea finds and if needed I can post the products I’ve used 

All my unicorn love


You me and the allergies

Hi everyone 

I know I’m a beauty blogger and suddenly stopped but that wasn’t by my own accord you see I have a 19 month old who currently suffers with allergies and we’ve hit a brick wall

I’ll start from the beginning when Dory turned 7 months 5 months corrected we was given the say so to start weaning. We started on the simple foods home made purées, toast, porridge and the occasional cheese dunker. 

The first few weeks were fine but then I noticed a change in his bowl movement instead of “korma” coloured mush we had “explosions” now by explosions I mean it would seep out of any hole it could to the point I would be washing his hair 4/5times a day we went to the doctors and got diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance which meant we could not longer have a dairy filled diet. 

We stayed dairy free for the next 6 months and the nappies marginally got better although now they were spinach coloured and could clear a room but as we hit his 1st birthday we faced the dreaded milk ladder which we failed after only a quarter of a malted milk. We also found out at this time we had a questioned soya allergy as we tried soya milk and within 20 minutes we had an explosion!

Another 6 months had passed and we received no communication from the dietician or paediatrician and his allergies was getting worse we could be sat playing and all of a sudden he would be covered in hives and have blisters that was puss filled and bleeding on his bum and this was every week!

This carried on until a few weeks ago when we finally was given the news we could be referred to an allergy specialist after numerous phone calls, a&e visits and doctor apppointments. We are still getting the hives and the blisters and we are STILL taking formula at 19 months because we are allergic to any other alternative milk. The list we can’t have or have a question mark next to is endless and it gets to the point of me not being able to work from fear of my son having an anaphylactic shock and ending up in a&e.

I will start my blog again and I’m even starting to create my own vegan/allergy inspired recipes to share they will all be up in the near future.

I’m now off to change a blistered crimson bum whilst bribing him with peppa pig